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there / там, туда, здесь
there, therein, thereat
there, thither, thereto, thitherward, thitherwards
here, there, herein, therein, at this point, in these parts
in, at, or to that place or position.
we went on to Paris and stayed there eleven days
used in attracting someone's attention or calling attention to someone or something.
hello there!
used to indicate the fact or existence of something.
there's a restaurant around the corner
used to focus attention on something and express satisfaction or annoyance at it.
there, I told you she wouldn't mind!
used to comfort someone.
there, there , you must take all of this philosophically
You could quite easily miss the pub but a quick detour down Main Street and there it is.
There are heaps of cottages, and in the two years we were there , we stayed in at least four of them.
Hello there , can we please have your age, occupation, where you are from and where you are now?
She went out to Africa to help out a friend for two weeks and then just stayed there for 21 years.
We started our own writing group because there was nowhere to study in this area.
there, I told you she wouldn't mind!
there goes the phone
Outside, two men asked me what I was doing, and told me not to come near there again.
there on the right
there goes Pádraig