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therapy / терапия, лечение
имя существительное
therapy, treatment, therapeutics
treatment, therapy, medication, cure, healing, curing
имя существительное
treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.
a course of antibiotic therapy
One visit to the local psychotherapist later it's his parents that need the therapy not him.
I've been thinking about therapy so now the possibility or seeing my old psychologist looms.
She has confessed she has been in therapy because she thinks she's a bad mother.
Arthur sounds like someone who has been in therapy ; he sounds, in fact, like my dad.
Two years ago she told a magazine that her childhood scars drove her to seek therapy .
Mental training can, like therapy , take time to produce the desired effects.
I made the point that psychological research and therapy have two extremely different goals.
a course of antibiotic therapy
As interested as you no doubt are in my childhood days, this is not a public therapy session.
He is also having weekly therapy sessions with a clinical psychiatrist to keep him sane.