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therapist / терапевт
имя существительное
therapist, physician, therapeutist, internist, therapeutic
имя существительное
a person skilled in a particular kind of therapy.
a certified massage therapist
This stars Liam Neeson, and this is about the sex therapist who had written books and was hailed as a hero and then sort of turned into a scapegoat.
The wife sued the patient's therapist alleging a failure of duty to protect.
Mary Kershaw says her profoundly deaf grandson has not even been seen by a speech therapist .
I think speaking with a trusted friend (or therapist ) about your grief could also help.
The therapist encouraged her to feel free either to move closer to him physically and emotionally during this process or to move away.
In Iowa, for example, these cases must be brought within five years of the date the victim was last treated by the therapist .
The therapist addressed these distortions and worked with her to develop a more holistic view of the relationship and each partner.
The therapist also coaches spouses to logically analyze their cognitions.
This is in addition to the full-time occupational therapist at the Commons who refers patients to St Thomas's Hospital if necessary.
a certified massage therapist