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therapeutic / терапевтический, лечебный
имя прилагательное
therapeutic, therapeutical, medical
therapeutic, curative, healing, medicinal, remedial, medicative
имя существительное
therapist, physician, therapeutist, internist, therapeutic
drug, medicine, remedy, cure, medicament, therapeutic
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the healing of disease.
diagnostic and therapeutic facilities
имя существительное
the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of disease and the action of remedial agents.
a treatment, therapy, or drug.
current therapeutics for asthma
There are very sound therapeutic reasons for docking lambs' tails that certainly do not apply to dogs.
A special care order will be issued to allow the child to receive special protection in a secure therapeutic facility.
They began to look into the reasons why crystals and stones were supposed to hold therapeutic qualities and exactly how people can use them.
More than anything, the book is a testimony to the therapeutic and palliative effects of time and travel.
Combination products will bring new and exciting benefits to both diagnostic and therapeutic medicine.
The Senate must keep its moral priorities firmly in mind as the vote on banning therapeutic cloning draws close.
More is known about the adverse effects and therapeutic uses of marihuana than about most prescription drugs.
He pierced her amniotic sac, making a therapeutic abortion necessary.
When the signs and symptoms of progressive disease appear, therapeutic intervention is necessary.
There is no justification for banning a drug which has a beneficial therapeutic use.