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theoretician / теоретик
имя существительное
theorist, theoretician, notionalist
имя существительное
a person who forms, develops, or studies the theoretical framework of a subject.
Researchers and theoreticians have developed more sophisticated ways of thinking about fathers.
By devising a new system of theoretical concepts the theoretician makes an explanation available and thus enhances the coherence of the system.
It was Hamilton himself who remarked that Dawkins could accomplish as much in a verbal argument as many a theoretician could with mathematics.
As a theoretician , I want to join a conversation among fellow chemists, in an effort to shape current thinking.
He himself claims to have been, at one time, the leading theoretician of the UK Communist Party.
He was a theoretician who hated theory because he loved people.
As a scientist, and as the leading theoretical biologist of our time, he had a healthy scepticism of theoreticians .
Communist theoreticians debated on the right of self-determination.
The participants are predominantly young emerging professionals in the fields of theatre, dance and visual performance, researchers, theoreticians and art managers.
Marxism gets a pass from the theoreticians , even though it's a theory that could be understood for what it really is by any moderately bright child.
A senior leader of the Communist Party of China has asked Chinese theoreticians to be more innovative and to study ways to adapt the Party's theories and work to the times.