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themselves / сами, себя, себе
themselves, yourself, ourselves
himself, yourself, themselves, itself, myself, herself
himself, yourself, itself, themselves, myself, ourselves
used as the object of a verb or preposition to refer to a group of people or things previously mentioned as the subject of the clause.
countries unable to look after themselves
used to emphasize a particular group of people or things mentioned.
excellent at organizing others, they may well be disorganized themselves
used instead of “himself” or “herself” to refer to a person of unspecified sex.
anyone who fancies themselves as a racing driver
Police today offered advice on how van owners can make themselves less vulnerable to the gang.
Can she and her ex-husband save themselves and their young son from certain death?
There is a joke the Serbs tell against themselves about the two Serb astronauts who land on the moon.
The two girls then lock up the gas station they run and head to the dump to rid themselves of the body.
they called themselves Anna and Nora
He said a bonus of the system was that criminals were far more likely to own up once they saw themselves on camera.
Despite that threat, they threw themselves into the task of revitalising the place.
What annoys me most about the whole subject is the attitude of a lot of smokers themselves .
they drew a picture of themselves
I'm not sure that anyone baptised in this way would be able to call themselves a Christian.