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thematic / тематический, относящийся к основе, основообразующий
имя прилагательное
thematic, topical
относящийся к основе
имя прилагательное
having or relating to subjects or a particular subject.
the orientation of this anthology is essentially thematic
of or relating to the theme of an inflected word.
The most simple type of thematic stem is that formed directly from the root.
имя существительное
a body of topics for study or discussion.
As part of this strategy, both writers develop a thematics of genealogy which, because genealogies link divine will and knowledge with the flesh of humankind, recognises female authority and potential.
The melodies are entirely forgettable and generally involve minimal thematic development.
In its thirteen thematic chapters, this book discusses the challenges and successes of the women's movement in Uganda.
Perkins's chapters seem loosely organized around thematic questions: What did pioneers know about the West?
Unlike English, Arabic thematic fronting may express incredulity, disbelief, suspicion, uncertainty, denial, limitation and/or exclusiveness on the part of the subject or the object.
The first four conjugations are thematic , ie a thematic vowel precedes the personal endings.
But it is thematic collection that is becoming a fad worldwide and it is an inexpensive way of building one's collection.
By and large, the album is ordered chronologically and, to an extent, along thematic lines: the property and homes, family pictures, and work scenes.
There is a longish cadenza that is well-integrated into the movement's thematic structure.
The book includes an introduction, seven narrative chapters, four thematic chapters, a short afterword, and two appendices.
The thematic material derives from Catalan folk melody and as the movement progresses its character emerges more strongly.