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theatrics / сценическое искусство
имя существительное
сценическое искусство
theatrics, stage
имя существительное
dramatic performances.
Celtic pride is a touching thing to see, but hopefully the band won't have to resort to such theatrics for long.
This degrading spectacle was a mixture of incompetence, impotence and empty theatrics .
If the two end up shoulder to shoulder on Saturday next, Connelly will no doubt view it as an opportunity to show the Roscommon man that football and not theatrics is his preferred option.
These guys mean business, and they are also quite good with the theatrics involved in making their point to a defendant.
There are no theatrics involved, no pretension.
I do believe that you are attracted to some of the role playing and theatrics that come with it, and I think you might even find that part sexually rewarding.
It is not just what was said, but what was implied - a spectacular example of highly sophisticated and manipulative political theatrics .
While the sense of drama and theatrics might appeal to him, it does a disservice to his ministers and the country at large.
He's not some flashy solicitor only interested in the sound of his own voice and playing theatrics to the gallery - he is much more genuine than that.
Not given to theatrics , his aggressive questioning is restricted to occasions when witnesses' answers have stretched the outer edges of credulity.