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theatre / театр, кинотеатр, театральное искусство
имя существительное
theater, house, playhouse, stage, living theater, theatre
cinema, theater, movie house, picture theater, picture show, picture palace
театральное искусство
theater, histrionics, theatre
имя существительное
a building or outdoor area in which plays and other dramatic performances are given.
Performances increasingly moved to theatres with proscenium arches, so the audience now viewed the dancers from the front, though no two spectators would have an identical view.
Peter Doran said it proved it was possible to provide quality theatre in remote regions like Pembrokeshire.
This turned a diversionary skirmish into the main theatre of war.
They would protect the country's navy in the first instance but would also offer a potential platform for theatre missile defence linked to a strategic defence system.
His growing literary interest led to his writing on theatre .
Acrobatic performances take place in the open theatre behind the building.
Now, the big question is how do they extricate themselves from a theatre of war that daily looks more like a slaughterhouse?
a new theatre of war has been opened up
It combines elements of mime, dance, theatre , puppetry and text.
The idea is to turn the focus onto the fundamentals of theatre , including acting.
In the European theatre of war, 5,556 war criminals were tried, the majority in France, America, and the United Kingdom.