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the /
  • at the time - в то время
denoting one or more people or things already mentioned or assumed to be common knowledge.
what's the matter?
used to point forward to a following qualifying or defining clause or phrase.
the fuss that he made of her
used to make a generalized reference to something rather than identifying a particular instance.
he taught himself to play the violin
enough of (a particular thing).
he hoped to publish monthly, if only he could find the money
(pronounced stressing “the”) used to indicate that someone or something is the best known or most important of that name or type.
he was the hot young piano prospect in jazz
If it were possible for them to come up with an agreed contents of the application book then the preparation of it will be so much the quicker.
Excellent engineering makes this CD all the more attractive.
grip of the hand
himself and the wife
Fifteen long, dull minutes passed before the door opened.
Jack the Ripper
the one that got away
the President of Ireland
He carried Russia a long way from Ivan the Terrible's ‘time of troubles’.
the O'Donoghue