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thatch / солома, соломенная крыша, тростник
имя существительное
straw, thatch, haulm, halm
соломенная крыша
cane, reed, rush, thatch, frail
крыть соломой или тростником
имя существительное
a roof covering of straw, reeds, palm leaves, or a similar material.
The downpour continued all night, but nary a drop violated my palm thatch .
cover (a roof or a building) with straw or a similar material.
thatched cottages
Besides raking leaves up, you want to rake deep into the soil to remove thatch .
Mr High estimated that internal repairs and having the thatch replaced would probably cost £40,000 or more.
These buildings could be substantial, consisting normally of a low wall of stone with a roof of thatch , skins, or other organic material supported by timbers.
Construction materials include sticks and logs, earth, and thatch .
The stocky Dundonian has grown a thatch of snowy white hair and a matching beard for his role as a crazy psychiatrist in the film version of the international bestseller Running With Scissors.
With a similar thought, I mended the thatch on the eaves of the hut, patched up the gaps in the fence, and at the beginning of the fourth month, the first month of summer, moved in for what I thought would be no more than a brief stay.
Rake to maintain a clean lawn, doing an especially thorough job at the end of the growing season to reduce thatch .
good thatch is difficult to obtain
In 1956, he married and built a two-storey house with heavy thatch on the roof.
He's tanned, fit, and blessed with a full thatch of light-brown hair.