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thankless / неблагодарный
имя прилагательное
ungrateful, thankless, ingrate, unthankful, churlish
имя прилагательное
(of a job or task) difficult or unpleasant and not likely to bring one pleasure or the appreciation of others.
But there can be no doubt that the four people at the head of the district's winter service are dedicated professionals performing a more often than not thankless task in difficult circumstances.
Experience shows that the only thing rivaling the terror of actually getting a job is the thankless task of finding a job.
After this period had elapsed, an unhappy looking young ground hostess had the thankless job of informing the impatient travellers that more information would be available at 17.00.
Regulating the appearance of a public burial ground is among the most difficult and thankless tasks in local government.
There is no less thankless job than being the one responsible for the grunt work in the office: writing a decent letter and holding the secret knowledge on how to replace the toner in the photocopier are underappreciated skills.
In that thankless sister role, Bernier manages some winning moments.
The Vehicle Inspectorate does a difficult and thankless task extremely well and that is the reason that we drive some of the safest cars in the world.
Curiously, there was barely a reporter in sight - the one I recognized was the Sun scribe with the thankless task of reporting on his own boss's conference-opening speech.
Fashioning a preventive detention policy is likely to be a thankless task here as well.
Nothing was ever too much trouble, day or night, no matter how unpleasant or thankless the tasks were.
To Kevin falls the job of fair co-ordinator, a fairly onerous and often thankless task, but one that Kevin obviously enjoys.