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thankfully / благодарно, с благодарностью, с облегчением
gratefully, thankfully
с благодарностью
gratefully, thankfully
с облегчением
in a thankful manner.
she thankfully accepted the armchair she was offered
I've had many years of yo-yo dieting, but thankfully for the last two and half years, I have not been on a diet.
Today, thankfully , relations with the committee are somewhat more cordial.
But thankfully no-one was hurt, none of the other properties were in danger, and all is well.
When he collapsed it, he was stretchered off with a neck injury that, thankfully , revealed no fractures.
But on the whole it could have been much worse and thankfully there weren't any clashes between the fans.
she thankfully accepted the armchair she was offered
thankfully, everything went smoothly
What saves it as a film are the stunning dance performances which are thankfully allowed to play out in full.
Ever the gentleman he offered her an arm for support and she accepted thankfully .
My article was not written for you and thankfully it has reached its target audience.