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than / чем, кроме, как
than, wherewith
than, save
as, than, whereby
introducing the second element in a comparison.
he was much smaller than his son
used in expressions introducing an exception or contrast.
he claims not to own anything other than his home
used in expressions indicating one thing happening immediately after another.
scarcely was the work completed than it was abandoned
He likes getting in on the act too and has appeared in more productions than he cares to count.
No sooner was he seated than Lily sidled closer to him.
This time, he signed for just three years and opted to rent a property rather than buy.
it will take longer than 14 days
She says we have to learn to use anger in a positive way, rather than letting it control us.
she likes red more than blue
it's bigger than that
he said nothing, being a more patient man than me
He was reviewing books at the rate of more than one a day and writing criticism of a very high order.
he was much smaller than his son