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texture / текстура, фактура, структура
имя существительное
texture, invoice, account, bill of parcels
structure, framework, pattern, composition, frame, texture
придавать структуру
form, shape, mold, troop, texture, head
имя существительное
the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance.
skin texture and tone
give (a surface, especially of a fabric or wall covering) a rough or raised texture.
wallcoverings which create a textured finish
Embroidery of a vast variety and fabrics of every texture are being used.
That is a perfect description of an elaborate contrapuntal texture with ‘emancipated dissonance’.
Although both narrators are prone to purple passages, the texture of Singer's Gothic prose remains one of the novel's strengths.
The absolute clarity of the orchestral texture allowed for the sometimes jarring harmonies and raucous percussion effects to be highlighted.
Solos are kept short and sweet, and the frequent shifts in texture and instrumental combinations keep things interesting.
the cheese is firm in texture
Besides being a source of fast-digesting carbs, that type of cereal will add thickness and texture to your protein shake.
They often comment on the flavour, texture and overall quality of the beef which we believe is due to the lengthy hanging process.
I turn slightly in it now, the rough woven texture of the cloth rubbing my neck.
Though simple in style and clean in texture , the primo parts of these duets provide the teacher with many opportunities to teach musicianship.