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textual / текстовой, текстовый, текстуальный
имя прилагательное
textual, diplomatic
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a text or texts.
textual analysis
This artefact was provided with a long textual exposition, written by the artist.
Certain textual lines of descent are clear, between Homer, Apuleius, and Shakespeare, for example.
There are simpler reasons why textual analysis remains so popular within media education.
While textual analyses are significant, religion is more than the reading of texts.
Literature, we might conclude, is a speech act or textual event that elicits certain kinds of attention.
The set of illustrations is interspersed by textual commentary, which guides the book through a logical chronology.
Yet in their very long book there is no actual analysis of Tocqueville's work or reference to any specific textual passage.
That submission calls for serious consideration and it has led to some close textual analysis of the paragraph in question.
Still, one needs to be able to identify in some way with the text, and the textual entity that is its author.
Since this material does not lend itself easily to contextual approaches, a textual analysis is the only option.