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textbook / учебник, руководство
имя существительное
textbook, tutorial, manual, guide, schoolbook, classbook
manual, guide, leadership, guidance, direction, textbook
имя существительное
a book used as a standard work for the study of a particular subject.
The book relies on standard economic theory, and many of the concepts can be found in standard textbooks .
имя прилагательное
conforming to or corresponding to a standard or type that is prescribed or widely held by theorists.
he had the presence of mind to carry out a textbook emergency descent
Theirs was a textbook case of how not to win an election, and will be studied by political analysts and party strategists for years.
The plane flew for more than two hours to burn off fuel before the pilot made a textbook landing.
Like any classic cartoon character, Mike is a textbook case of manic depression.
Walkden's South African Doug Watson is a textbook batsman who has scored 1,100 runs this season.
Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, insisted that it was a textbook operation and was going according to plan.
He need not have worried, everything about the man is textbook fairytale hero.
He serves, for example, fine slices of smoked wild venison alongside a textbook Gratin Dauphinois.
Otpor would become the textbook example of Sharp's theories translated into praxis.
Save for his aversion to the blues, the patient is something of a textbook classicist.
Pyrus calleryana seems almost a textbook example of a plant designed for invasion.