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text / текст, тема, оригинал
имя существительное
text, word, version, document, book
topic, theme, subject, text, chapter, burden
original, master, eccentric, text, character, oddball
писать крупным почерком
имя существительное
a book or other written or printed work, regarded in terms of its content rather than its physical form.
a text that explores pain and grief
the main body of a book or other piece of writing, as distinct from other material such as notes, appendices, and illustrations.
the pictures are clear and relate well to the text
a written work chosen or assigned as a subject of study.
the book is intended as a secondary text for religion courses
a text message.
The new system lets you send texts to any cellphone in Britain for 12p, and it receives messages free.
fine, large handwriting, used especially for manuscripts.
send a text message to.
I thought it was fantastic that he took the trouble to text me
Falls has made minor adjustments in the text , but Mark Wendland's décor departs radically from Jo Mielziner's original.
This new version offers powerful control over the display and formatting of text .
In the Chinese text , the word used for ‘recognise’ and ‘acknowledge’ is the same.
She flipped through its pages and was surprised to find it filled with handwritten text .
Bartlett's Good Friday sermon on a Johannine text demonstrates well how preaching may be shaped by a particular understanding of the good news.
The pastor prays, leads the congregation in song, opens the Bible, reads the text .
in some passages it is difficult to establish the original text
But the power of his performance only underlines the two-dimensionality of the part as it lies in the text .
stylistic features of journalistic text
Our reading from Romans 8 contains gospel grist for any number of sermons and is a text to which we pastors resort often in times of loss and perplexity.