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tether / привязь, граница, предел
имя существительное
leash, tether, lead, lashing
border, boundary, limit, bound, frontier, tether
limit, range, scope, bound, margin, tether
tie, bind, tether, bound, attach, tie down
limit, restrict, confine, constrain, restrain, tether
ставить предел
limit, terminate, restrict, tether, set measures to, draw the line at
имя существительное
a rope or chain with which an animal is tied to restrict its movement.
Producers have used two types of tethers (neck and girth); both of which restrict sow movement.
tie (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement.
the horse had been tethered to a post
use (a smartphone) in order to connect a computer or other device to the Internet.
one prediction is that tethering will cost around $30 per month, probably with some cap on the amount of data transfer allowed
With bridle and saddle managed in one hand, Isabella released the gelding from his tether and stepped back, heading towards the tack room without waiting to confirm he returned to his stall.
Gregory turned from his parents' grave and walked back through and out of the barren house to his horse, the animal waiting patiently on its tether and barely visible against the forest shadows.
Mrs Cruddas said one simple solution in Hull Road would be for the grass to be regularly cut - thereby removing any incentive to tether the horses there.
The trees in question were certainly a fine stand of eucalypts, over by the Ivanhoe road, and I knew Laura liked to go riding in that direction, to tether her horse and wander amongst the silvery patterned trunks.
The building they stayed in had already been looted bare, with straw lining the floor for newcomers to sleep on, and the wooden pillar at the base of the broken stairs used to tether horses.
On closer inspection, he found a friction wound, blackened with scabs, on the back of Patch's neck and a chain tether , with a blue nylon rope, nearby.
He paused to dismount as well, tossing a thin tether to a man who took the animal away.
While his wireless service is critical to his work, Ferrer said he would not want the monthly total cost to rise to $500 or more, and urged the carriers to start offering discounts, such as dropping a $30 monthly charge for tethering a cell phone to a laptop.
As an added bonus, you'll be picking up a charge while you're tethered to your computer.
Caravans and vans were parked in front of the new offices at the far end of the industrial estate, and four horses were tethered there.