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testimonial / характеристика, рекомендация, рекомендательное письмо
имя существительное
characteristic, feature, characterization, performance, specification, testimonial
recommendation, guidance, reference, testimonial, prescription, credential
рекомендательное письмо
letter of recommendation, letter of introduction, testimonial, letter of credence
имя прилагательное
welcoming, greeting, complimentary, salutatory, testimonial, complimental
thanksgiving, grateful, testimonial
имя существительное
a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications.
Around 70 more residents wrote individual testimonials and character references.
The first event of Lowes' testimonial will be a golf day at Northcliffe Golf Club on Wednesday, August 25.
The ultra-loyal City defender crowns a decade at Valley Parade tomorrow with his testimonial match against Bolton.
I should perhaps say this is an unsolicited testimonial - I don't do the requested kind.
I have just signed a new three-and-a-half year deal, which includes a testimonial in pre-season, so I hope I can help establish the club at this level.
United also agreed that Keane would be given a testimonial game by United, an offer that he will consider when a little time has elapsed and the dust from his departure has settled.
So if you're asking for a testimonial to her character as a mother and as a hard working local member, I'm not only very happy to give it on this programme, I'll be very happy to give it in her electorate as well.
the Yankees held a testimonial day for Gehrig
I am still in the process of arranging the second game, but we will have at least one other game at home because Paul Stancliffe will be having a testimonial game in recognition of his long-standing service to the club.
The club has agreed to give him a testimonial game to mark his nine years at Edgeley Park, even though Flynn left last week to join Barnsley.
Passing with flying colours, he received a beautifully-calligraphed testimonial signed by the scholars present.