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testify / свидетельствовать, давать показания, быть свидетельством
testify, witness, evidence, bear witness to, attest, point
давать показания
testify, give testimony, witness, bear testimony, take an affidavit, bear witness of
быть свидетельством
торжественно заявлять
affirm, asseverate, testify, protest
клятвенно утверждать
asseverate, testify
give evidence as a witness in a law court.
he testified against his own commander
The dhol is a north Indian drum made from goatskin, and anybody who has stood next to one will testify to how loud it sounds when played.
Complainants may waver about testifying for any number of reasons.
The Defendant testified that she does not have any desire to use the time-share.
The first witness to testify yesterday spoke from behind a curtain and had his voice disguised.
This journalist has the Blackberry in action and will readily testify to its usefulness.
Those who knew Chapman all testify to his kindness, persistence, simplicity and integrity.
The plea deal was announced just two days after a key witness began testifying against him.
Anyone who has eaten in a Turkish city can testify to the richness of real Turkish cuisine.
If you know your business like a book, testifying as an expert witness can be a lucrative sideline.
In practice witnesses testifying in court are very often asked simply whether they confirm the testimony they gave to the investigating judge.