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tester / тестер, испытатель, прибор для испытания
имя существительное
tester, investigator
прибор для испытания
имя существительное
a person who tests something, especially a new product.
All products are tested blindly, so testers are not influenced by designer names and fancy packaging.
a canopy over a four-poster bed.
She tossed her bag onto a lovely old four-poster bed complete with tester .
She was more than twelve times more productive than the average tester .
Having said all of that, I would like to know how one can become a game tester , or write reviews for new games that have not gone public yet, or help in the design of new games, from this corner of the world?
A hypodermic syringe tester from Testing Machines Inc. provides precise measurement of the force required to move the plunger in either direction.
There are also two laptops, a mobile emissions tester , a smoke reader for diesel exhausts and a device that tests to see if tinted windscreens and front windows are clear enough to let 75% of all light pass through.
The most cost-effective tool for your wireless system is a dedicated battery tester .
a mains tester
She tossed her bag onto a lovely old four-poster bed complete with tester .
With the PADI ‘resort course’ that is available in most islands, it is quite possible to get underwater within a day; it consists of safety instruction and a tester in a pool, followed by a guided open-water dive on the reef.
It can be used as a stand-alone tester or integrated into automated processing and testing systems.
The ability to perform basic analogue tests on a digital tester is very attractive.