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tessera / кубик в мозаике, кубик
имя существительное
кубик в мозаике
block, tessera
имя существительное
a small block of stone, tile, glass, or other material used in the construction of a mosaic.
Glass was preferred because of its light-catching properties; the effect of glass tesserae in a mosaic is to create brilliance and richness through the changing effect of the refraction of light.
Mosaics can be made from any of a number of materials, from the traditional tessera and glass, to mundane materials such as stones and beads, to the unexpected bottle caps, nuts and bolts, and industrial cast-offs.
The tessera was recovered from the Ninfeo of Punta Epitaffio during the underwater excavation in the sea in front of Baia, which nowadays is a little town near Naples.
But all of a sudden the brightly colored tessera of Edward Burn-Jones's Christ in Glory came to swirling life, and the heat of spring turning into summer more dramatic than oppressive.
Every corn-receiver was therefore now provided with a tessera , and this tessera, when once granted to him, became his property.
Another was Giacomo Rafaelli, who specialized in so-called micromosaics, which were made up of minute tesserae .
In the making of mosaic, the patterning of the tesserae precedes any subject motif.
This is the central figural medallion, or emblema, of a geometrically patterned floor, executed in minute tesserae of subtly graduated tones, that depicts a dog seated next to an overturned golden vessel.
It has the same tesseral texture as the ceramic floor-tiles and is readily applied to wainscots and mantel-work.
The town is famous for its Norman Cathedral, one of the wonders of the medieval world, glittering with the gold tesserae of a thousand mosaics.
The small geometric components are as tangible as tesserae .