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terry / махровая ткань, вытяжной ворс, неразрезной ворс
имя существительное
махровая ткань
terrycloth, terry
вытяжной ворс
неразрезной ворс
имя существительное
a fabric with raised uncut loops of thread covering both surfaces, used especially for towels.
Wash and wipe down surfaces with a clean, terry cloth towel.
Each room is richly appointed with goose down comforters, plush terry robes, oversized bathtubs, high-speed Internet access lines, a safe and mini bar.
Nelson stepped from his shower, wrapped in his blue terry cloth robe, with a white towel draped around his neck.
Walking out of the bathroom, Siobhan wrapped her white terry cloth robe around her body and picked a book off the shelf.
Blot the stain with a clean, white towel or terry cloth towel.
This mid-weight pullover is made of French terry cotton, making it soft and durable.
Stepping out of the shower, I wrapped the hotel's white terry cloth towel around my dripping wet body.
If the design curls when it's dry, press the design from the wrong side on a thick terry cloth towel, using a warm iron.
I'm going to be offering home trials in the new nappies which aren't like the old terry towelling squares with pins.
This multipurpose mop comes with two washable cotton terry covers that can be used dry to sweep up dust and wet to wash floors.
He is wearing a light blue terry cloth golf shirt, and navy cords.