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terror-stricken / объятый ужасом, охваченный ужасом
имя прилагательное
объятый ужасом
terror-stricken, terror-struck
охваченный ужасом
terror-stricken, terror-struck
имя прилагательное
feeling or expressing extreme fear.
But why are we so terror-struck by dentists, especially when we need all the help we can get, given our traditionally less-than-perfect smiles?
The scenes in which Kelly is held captive by a shadowy assailant create a real sense of fear by virtue of the juxtaposition of Kelly's sharply-lit, terror-stricken face and Lynch's completely shadow-covered one.
The robot scampers around a bit, but when the physicist raises the hammer, the machine turns over on its back, emits a few piteous squeals, and looks up at its persecutor with enormous, terror-stricken eyes.
Sierra knew that tears were flowing down her cheeks as she looked at the picture of her terror-stricken sister with acceptance of death in her eyes.
Towns and villages were deliberately bombed to create a fleeing mass of terror-stricken civilians to block the roads and hamper the flow of reinforcements to the front.
With the imperial household out of the way, the Senate enfeebled by dissension and apathy, the civil service terror-stricken , and the military under flabby command, the throne seemed well within Faustinus's grasp.
Actually, he could not think of a higher sacrifice of a loving mother than sitting up at night at the bed of a terror-stricken infant.
Rodney was fighting futilely against them as his red hair fell messily into his terror-stricken green eyes.
Rising to follow him through the doors of the ship and onto the soft, hot sands, she watched, terror-stricken , as Ryell drew his blade and approached his adversary.
There is no one better than Mayall at creating the terror-stricken moments which ensue whenever the character senses that his chequered past may be about to ruin his life of luxury.
I have only performed here once, and I was terror-stricken !