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terror / террор, ужас, страх
имя существительное
horror, terror, consternation, nightmare, atrocity, recoil
fear, awe, terror, fright, dread, anxiety
имя существительное
extreme fear.
people fled in terror
a person, especially a child, who causes trouble or annoyance.
placid and obedient in their parents' presence, but holy terrors when left alone
she had a terror of darkness
From the very outset all the combatants knew that the bomb would be both a weapon of destruction and a weapon of terror .
his unyielding scowl became the terror of the Chicago mob
A schoolboy was today behind bars for subjecting a family to a campaign of terror and intimidation.
a terror suspect
The humiliation of not being able to swim was bad, of course - but the terror of taking my feet off the bottom was far, far worse.
He was utterly exhausted, and the terror of the last few hours had finally caught up with him.
people fled in terror
Arsonists torched a town-centre bar, causing residents in nearby houses to flee in terror .
Acts or threats of violence the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among the civilian population are prohibited.