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territorial / территориальный, земельный
имя прилагательное
land, landed, agrarian, territorial, predial, praedial
имя существительное
солдат территориальной армии
territorial, terrier
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the ownership of an area of land or sea.
territorial disputes
of or relating to a particular territory, district, or locality.
a bizarre territorial rite
имя существительное
(in the UK) a member of the Territorial Army, a volunteer force locally organized to provide a reserve of trained and disciplined manpower for use in an emergency.
The Engineer officer summoned all available Territorials (a reserve force) to assist in repairs.
We have seven territorial local authorities, the Auckland Regional Transport Network, Infrastructure Auckland, and the Auckland Regional Council.
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison believed that territorial expansion would sustain the egalitarian economic basis of republican political institutions.
It's not that we have any designs on the land of our neighbours, although we have been reluctantly obliged to occupy some of their land as guarantees of territorial security.
There are a several brief sections on territorial and related behaviour in chimps, which imply considerations of liberty, but that is all.
A territorial dispute, by its nature, is liable to arouse nationalistic sentiment.
We observed individual females throughout behavioral estrus and quantified mating order and territorial status for each of a female's consorts.
It is not extraordinary for a court to adjudicate a tort claim arising outside of its territorial jurisdiction.
Those who held bookland were territorial lords with local interests, and were thus far more likely to seek terms with the Danish invaders, if by their timely submission they could save all or part of their inheritance.
So that the concept of territorial limitations to the jurisdiction of justices is something that is found at least at that point in history.
Canada's provincial premiers and territorial leaders are united in a effort to create a national pharmacare program, financed by the federal government.