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terrific / потрясающий, ужасающий, огромный
имя прилагательное
tremendous, terrific, shocking, startling, incredible, breathtaking
terrifying, horrific, horrifying, appalling, terrific, shocking
huge, enormous, great, vast, immense, terrific
extraordinary, unusual, singular, terrific, monumental, inconceivable
имя прилагательное
of great size, amount, or intensity.
there was a terrific bang
causing terror.
In the south of France a wonderful woman supervises another terrific restaurant, the Hostellerie Jerome in La Turbie.
I would love to come back sometime because it's a terrific club full of lovely people.
Why is there this terrific increase in demand for pellets?
One of the major attractions of the day will be the hundreds of terrific children's books for sale at very reasonable prices.
One day a golf course I built in Arkansas flooded, and there was a terrific amount of damage.
There was a tremendous atmosphere and it was a terrific surface to play on.
There was a terrific , deafening crash, and a dazzling flash of intense red light.
It's a terrific work, and shows a huge architectural reach as well as great power.
I've had a tremendous time there and made some terrific friends on and off the pitch and it's sad to be leaving them behind.
With a terrific bang, he drives the hammer into some kind of post to send it further into the ground.