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terrier / терьер, солдат территориальной армии, поземельная книга
имя существительное
солдат территориальной армии
territorial, terrier
поземельная книга
имя существительное
a small dog of a breed originally used for turning out foxes and other burrowing animals from their lairs.
In addition, there was a show of the Ullswater foxhounds and an open foxhound show; a show of various breeds of terriers along with gun dogs and children's pets.
Honey is a young golden mixed breed terrier , who likes cats, and is full of fun and playful.
Remember that this breed was originally used as a working terrier and was bred to hunt badgers, rabbits and foxes.
She was like a terrier worrying an elk hound, charging in and pressing an attack so fast and furious he had no choice but to defend himself.
she would fight like a terrier for every penny
He was like a terrier , bounding along, whereas I was more like a snail - there was just so much to see at this site.
she would fight like a terrier for every penny
We have two dogs: one is a terrier , a breed noted for their rat-hating, but in the absence of rats they take on mice - or possums.
If you own a terrier - any breed or size - you can take it to Kelso to compete for what I am assured will be generous cash prizes.
Those days in Ireland there were few breeds to choose from and the greyhound, Irish red setter, terrier and sheep dog were about as far as it went.
Both the Clydesdale and the Paisley terrier eventually became extinct, but not before they had contributed to the development of the Yorkie.