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terribly / ужасно, адски
terribly, awfully, horribly, ghastly, dreadfully, frightfully
hellishly, terribly, infernally
very; extremely.
I'm terribly sorry
very badly or unpleasantly.
they beat me terribly
When I was being beaten in the ring, terribly beaten, hideously beaten, it would have been easy for me to quit.
She says she missed her father terribly growing up, and now only sees him about twice a year.
This is the first time that my prospective father in law has done something so terribly nutty.
your father misses you terribly
it was all terribly frustrating
your father misses you terribly
I know you are hurt and I am terribly sorry you had to experience this at such a young age.
She had missed him terribly , but she was angry at him for deserting her when she needed him most.
He was a lovely human being, a gentle giant and I will miss him terribly .
Some bright spark decided it would be terribly amusing to spill the contents of six litter bins across the cathedral green during the night.