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terrain / местность, территория
имя существительное
terrain, locality, country, ground, community, situation
territory, terrain, country, domain, soil, superficies
имя прилагательное
terrestrial, earthly, worldly, earthy, mundane, terrain
имя существительное
a stretch of land, especially with regard to its physical features.
they were delayed by rough terrain
The drive to the base of the mountain, across isolated terrain , is enjoyable in itself.
Watson set a hot pace from the outset, over the type of Yorkshire terrain that suited the York rider.
Seismic reflection profiles can be shot over all kinds of topography or terrain .
The trip will take them through harsh desert terrain and some of the poorest countries in the world.
Our national walk survey shows the coast is our favourite walking terrain .
The prime minister has taken not only the centre ground, but a good chunk of the rightwing terrain as well.
The lovely grassland terrain levelled out and for another mile we continued south.
The vehicles were chosen for their ability to cope in difficult marshy terrain .
they were delayed by rough terrain
It is contested terrain , which will no doubt continue to foster debate and dialogue.