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terrace / терраса, веранда, уступ
имя существительное
terrace, veranda, porch, verandah, bench
veranda, verandah, porch, terrace, piazza, stoop
ledge, shoulder, step, bench, shelf, terrace
устраивать в виде террасы
имя существительное
a level paved area or platform next to a building; a patio or veranda.
The perforated sheets reappear both outside in the jambs of terraces cut into the building and inside as stylish balustrades.
a block of row houses.
Planners say there are other blocks of terraces built around the same time which are unaltered and better examples of the period.
make or form (sloping land) into a number of level flat areas resembling a series of steps.
The land is terraced and, in effect, so are the houses.
After weeks in the heat and dust of the plains, we smelt for the first time the chlorophyll scent of ripe crops: terrace upon terrace of salad-green rice paddy.
If your front yard slopes downward, it is a good idea to terrace it and/or have a waist-high hedge blocking the initial drop off.
At the other end of the scale, Georges Maurios has inserted a little house in a Parisian terrace : a model of economic infill.
This house is on a residential terrace off Fairview Avenue, a short stroll from Fairview village with its local shops, restaurants and park.
Floored with glass, the terrace is also a skylight shedding luminance into the building and down the stairwell.
Houses in the south terrace have generously glazed stairs, which act as hinges to allow the row to flex down the slope.
Except for the lofts, each unit opens to a private terrace and the plant-filled courtyard at the rear.
All blocks benefit from the shading effect of a huge glass roof that rests gently and lightly on the various buildings above a panoramic terrace .
The plans show eight semi-detached houses, three houses in a terrace fronting Crosby Road and two terraces totalling a further eight houses.
On steep topography, the filter area should be a gradient terrace with a slope that will not allow erosion.