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terminus / вокзал, конечная станция
имя существительное
railway station, terminal, terminus, depot
конечная станция
terminal station, terminus, terminal
имя существительное
a final point in space or time; an end or extremity.
the exhibition's terminus is 1962
the end of a railroad or other transportation route, or a station at such a point; a terminal.
The visibility of such people in London railway termini or at suburban stations made them very noticeable to contemporaries.
a figure of a human bust or an animal ending in a square pillar from which it appears to spring, originally used as a boundary marker in ancient Rome.
This station is an attempt to resemble a London railway terminus , complete with the see-through roof and the space.
The absolute end of the earth, the terminus of an equator of cool that wraps around the globe and begins in New York.
We are building a new toilet block at the western end of the bus terminus .
The metro central terminus is planned to be located close to the City Railway Station.
The protection of the chromosome end arguably depends on the structure of the telomeric terminus - the absolute end of the chromosome.
the exhibition's terminus is 1962
Imagine this - a service that has large parking lots at its terminus stations, clean trains, and decent reliability.
The covered part of what was the railway terminus has become the waiting lounge, it is decked out like an airport departure lounge, well I suppose really it is.
When the Illinois and Michigan Canal was built, its southern terminus was at Peru to assure the best steamboat connection.
‘The beginning and end of each day take place in the bath, so this space is a terminus and a beginning,’ he says.