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terminology / терминология
имя существительное
terminology, vocabulary, nomenclature, glossology
имя существительное
the body of terms used with a particular technical application in a subject of study, theory, profession, etc..
the terminology of semiotics
the terminology of semiotics
Such changes in medical terminology often reflect new cultural attitudes.
Consumers may well be confused by the technical terminology surrounding lighting.
Because our inability to make head or tail of complex financial terminology may be hitting us where it hurts most - in our pockets.
This new terminology did not, however, replace the old terms of female and male sex hormones.
the terminology of semiotics
Students were required to perform individual self study of medical terminology .
Tea terminology is a matter of concern to tea drinkers and also to cooks who are using tea as a flavouring.
I'd like journalists to be as creative as songwriters and come up with some new terminology .
I realise that the army's history and terminology is an unknown jungle to many.