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terminator / терминатор
имя существительное
a person or thing that terminates something.
Techniques intended to monitor foetal health became terminators of the female foetus.
The upstream rRNA transcription terminator and a hairpin structure downstream of recD, which might work as a transcription terminator , are shown.
In wild-type chromosomes, these proteins are confined to the heterochromatic DNA sequences either by terminator sequences or by proximally directed initiators.
If transcription through such DNA regions is impeded by means of a transcription terminator or by shutting off the promoter, hyperrecombination is abolished.
Nine of the 11 positions between the coding region and the terminator , which is cleaved from the nascent transcript during tRNA maturation, are variable.
Looking along the line separating the bright and dark halves (the terminator line), at you can make out a decently prominent crater near the top of the lower quarter.
Anyone standing on the surface of the moon would see the sun gradually rise as the terminator passes them and the area goes from dark to light.
The terminator of the planet was visible at it's edge, and some artificial light brightened the thickening dusk on the night side.
The public is given a fearful impression with images of Frankenstein foods, killer tomatoes, and terminator seeds.
I have been thinking about the visceral appeal of a terminator , the man of violence and certainty who will end things as they are and bring about a new world that looks as fresh and bright as the world of childhood.
In the end, I chose an electronic insect terminator , and I am not unhappy!