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terminate / завершать, завершаться, положить конец
complete, finish, wind up, terminate, finalize, accomplish
end, terminate
положить конец
put an end to, terminate, set a limit, take an end of
finish, end, result, stop, run out, terminate
limit, restrict, confine, constrain, restrain, terminate
bring to an end.
he was advised to terminate the contract
he was advised to terminate the contract
You know, when you terminate someone's parental rights to their children, that's a heavy thing to do.
the train will terminate at Stratford
The rate of deciding to terminate a pregnancy is also high when the specific disability of the fetus is known.
Services on city, suburban and commute routes will terminate earlier than normal and Eurolines services will not operate.
The Company's customers may terminate most service contracts for a variety of reasons, either immediately or upon notice of a future date.
Some trains will terminate at stations short of their destinations.
Where contraception is inaccessible or of poor quality, many women will seek to terminate unintended pregnancies, despite restrictive laws and lack of adequate abortion services.
Buses in fact run across the city in all directions and nobody suggests that they should terminate at points on the edge of the centre ten minutes walk from each other.
So it's a big step forward but it isn't - I agree with John - going to terminate the whole terrorist problem.