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tergiversate / увертываться, быть отступником, быть предателем
dodge, duck, tergiversate, equivocate, jink
быть отступником
быть предателем
quisle, tergiversate
make conflicting or evasive statements; equivocate.
the more she tergiversated, the greater grew the ardency of the reporters for an interview
change one's loyalties; be apostate.
You may call it tergiversation , but we pros call it diplomacy.
The Treasury displayed the utmost determination, ingenuity, tergiversation and meanness of spirit in trying to cut his fees.
But then he made another statement that is worth reviewing in full, because it reflects a matter that has largely been elided by some tergiversators who have chosen to spin this whole matter.
The thought of tergiversating crossed his mind several times but like a true soldier he continued with the War, against the enemy and against himself.
A small, red-headed, squinting man, Clarendon described him as of ‘extraordinary cunning’, though in the end his contorted tergiversations overwhelmed him.
And partly because, speaking as a natural tergiversator until the last moment, human development can be very quick in a high-conflict or high-pressure situation, much quicker than normal.