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tequila / текила
имя существительное
имя существительное
a Mexican liquor made from an agave.
But it sells miniature bottles of spirits like Vodka and tequila by the side of the machine.
We seem to be out of margarita mix, so I'm assuming this is just tequila with a lime stuck in it.
This is one of the primary reasons why extended aging is not as important to tequila as it might be to bourbon or cognac.
Yes the furnishings are rustic and weighty but there's no tequila to be had as you can only drink wine and beer here.
Vodka is the number one selling spirit, followed by tequila and then bourbon.
In just the last few weeks, the crew had done sake in Japan, tequila in Mexico, and ouzo in Greece.
Accounts of his nightly intake include vodka, beer, tequila , all combined.
She placed a bottle of vodka and tequila on the table with two shot glasses.
What you will need for a tequila party is obviously a bottle of tequila , a shot glass, and a twelve pack of beer.
Our night began, as all nights should, with a tumbler of tequila and a discounted beer.
Another trend he's seen is fine tequila being enjoyed after dinner, like brandy.