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tenth / десятый
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
десятая часть
tenth, tithe, decile
десятое число
имя существительное
constituting number ten in a sequence; 10th.
the tenth century
If one divides the screen into 10 vertical strips of equal width, the first tenth on the left was the only part of the picture in focus.
Over that same period, the poorest tenth of Asia's population saw median income rise by 58 percent.
One of those things you have to try once, just to see how the other tenth of the population lives.
the tenth biggest city in the world
In the tenth century, small numbers of Irish and Scots settled on Iceland, bringing Christianity with them.
on the tenth floor
she's coming on the tenth
Colombia ranks between fifth and tenth annually as a foreign oil supplier to the US.
On this tenth anniversary, we owe it to them to remember.
Most small villages have nursery schools and ‘middle’ schools that go up to eighth grade and sometimes tenth .