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tentative / пробный, экспериментальный, неуверенный
имя прилагательное
trial, test, pilot, tentative, experimental, specimen
experimental, tentative
uncertain, unsure, tentative, insecure of, erratic, unassured
имя прилагательное
not certain or fixed; provisional.
a tentative conclusion
Some athletes return from injuries a little tentative .
There is enough data for us to draw more than tentative conclusions as to their future performance.
Field notes and memos that explored tentative meanings from the data enhanced conclusion drawing.
What began as a tentative dance has become a passionate embrace.
I slowed down to a tentative walk as I stepped onto Myra's walkway.
Bebbens cleared his throat and took a tentative step forward.
To arrive at some tentative answers to these questions we might first consider some winners and losers.
Through their daughters they made the first tentative steps towards friendship.
Now, I may finally keep track of my journey with solid dates, instead of tentative time periods.
It was just about 12 years ago that I sat on my living room floor, watching Natalie take her first tentative steps.