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tent / палатка, навес, тампон
имя существительное
tent, booth, stall, bivvy, pavilion, tabernacle
canopy, shed, overhang, awning, sunshade, tent
tampon, swab, pledget, sponge, pack, tent
разбивать палатку
tent, pitch one's tent
жить в палатках
camp, tent
вставлять тампон
tampon, tent
cover with or as if with a tent.
the garden had been completely tented over for supper
(especially of traveling circus people) live in a tent.
These cannot be dismissed unless the university will allow me to tent and maintain a garden in the Quad.
But you are unlikely to stumble upon either at the ‘Banjara Camps’, a tented resort that nestles on the banks of a river in the backdrop of some dramatic peaks.
The Army padre led prayers for the war dead, their families, for the armed forces and for politicians in their efforts to create peace, during services held in a concrete aircraft hangar and a tented cookhouse.
A colourful tented camp spread under these sylvan giants and virtually every tent was occupied.
If, after thirty or so minutes, the cake is browning too quickly, you may need to tent it with foil.
Tim tented his fingers
I have been pestering Jayson, Leighton, Lorne, and Todd Peters all summer about how one goes about tenting and we finally made up our mind that we would get a tent.
The shells landed on a tented mess hall, wreaking havoc among US troops, Iraqi national guards, and civilians.
To her horror, it was already on fire and she worried about the huge wooden poles that supported the enormous tent .
they were living in large tented camps
A boy about twelve years old knocked on the front supporting pole of the tent .