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tension / натяжение, напряжение, растяжение
имя существительное
tension, pulling, strain, pull, stretch, drag
voltage, tension, strain, stress, straining, pressure
tension, extension, expansion, dilation, dilatation, strain
имя существительное
the state of being stretched tight.
the parachute keeps the cable under tension as it drops
mental or emotional strain.
a mind that is affected by stress or tension cannot think as clearly
apply a force to (something) that tends to stretch it.
Concrete can be prestressed in a factory by tensioning the steel reinforcement first and then placing concrete around it - ‘pre-tensioned’ reinforcement.
Family obligations, too much debt, unrealistic expectations, all of it can cause tension and stress.
the basic tension between freedom and control
This increase in number seems to depend on the growth of the long bones putting tension on the muscle through its tendons.
the basic tension between freedom and control
Then I begin to relieve the muscle tension and restore mobility with some stretching and gentle manipulation.
the elimination of neck tension can relieve headaches
It is also about the paradoxical tension between human freedom and divine providence.
the parachute keeps the cable under tension as it drops
During a massage, your practitioner kneads your skin, muscles and tendons in an effort to relieve muscle tension and stress and promote relaxation.
Consequently, in McCaig's view, there is always a tension between the demands of the marketplace and the will to remain authentic.