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tensile / растяжимый, вязкий
имя прилагательное
extensible, tensile, stretchable, extendible, extensile, expansible
viscous, ductile, tough, viscid, pasty, tensile
имя прилагательное
of or relating to tension.
Compressive forces are generally significantly greater than the tensile forces generated in a tensile test.
capable of being drawn out or stretched.
Therefore, concrete beams are reinforced with steel rods on the tensile side (in cross section) when experiencing bending.
The resulting tensile forces on the beads mimicked those in a traction splint, which is sometimes used to hold fractured bones in place.
As the water depth increased, the tensile load in the pipe also increased due to the greater weight of suspended pipe.
The blaze created a fireball that burned at up to 1,400 degrees Centigrade and melted the tensile steel cables which supported the men's platform.
Large valgus and extension moments lead to tensile stress on medial structures, compressive force laterally, and shear force posteriorly.
A propagating dyke (whether of igneous or elastic origin) is an example of an opening mode fracture that propagates as a tensile crack in a plane normal to the least compressive stress direction.
Eva Jiricna's Faith Zone is a cluster of arched tensile canopies stretched out over sinuous walls.
Perhaps shear in soil is best understood in contrast with compressive forces that act head-to-head and tensile forces that act in opposite directions (pull).
Situated at the location where the Vikings landed one thousand years ago, its design has a strong maritime theme, including a sail-like tensile canopy.
The boy was stunned by the dynamism, precision and tensile control in every pose.
That matrix has very low tensile strength.