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tenon / шип, шпилька, язычок
имя существительное
spike, thorn, tenon, spine, tongue, pin
hairpin, pin, stud, taunt, peg, tenon
tongue, uvula, cion, tenon
соединять на шипах
имя существительное
a projecting piece of wood made for insertion into a mortise in another piece.
One piece of wood has tenons that fit into matching sockets drilled into another piece of wood.
join by means of a tenon.
The thin drawer blades were merely tenoned into the case walls.
The table makes use of the Japanese mortice and tenon joint, which is an elaborate and exacting piece of carpentry.
When I got the paint off, I discovered dovetail and tenon construction from top to bottom.
A regular tenon provides all the strength the frame will need to stand up to time.
These rails are held together by mortise and tenon joints.
My joiners grumble when they are asked to make a projecting top with the mortice and tenon construction.
Rafter pairs are joined directly to each joist by means of mortise and tenon joints.
Usually, joiners cut, carved, and painted all the stiles, rails and panels before putting them together with mortise and tenon joints.
Each piece of furniture is built as if it were full size, with proper mortise and tenon joints rather than glue.
This shows a simple French mortise and tenon joint with a pin inserted for strength.
Both the English and Dutch used heavy timbers to construct mortise and tenon frames.