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tenner / десятка, банкнот в 10 фунтов, банкнот в 10 долларов
имя существительное
ten, tenner
банкнот в 10 фунтов
банкнот в 10 долларов
имя существительное
a ten-pound note.
They'll never remember to pay you and even if they do, they'll mix up tenners and fivers.
If you chase someone to repay the tenner you lent them, you look mean-spirited and churlish.
Last year it was £15 but it's just a tenner this year.
I found a tenner on the floor in the pub.
Most of us have some experience of winning the odd tenner on the lottery.
The rug was a fake and cost me a tenner down Greenwich market.
He pulls a roll of notes from his back pocket and peels off a tenner .
A decent meal for around a tenner still stands as good value in my book.
These wines will cost around a tenner a bottle.
It's amazing how little fun you can have for a tenner these days.
I thrust a tenner at a passing waiter to pay for the drinks.