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tenement / обитель, арендуемое помещение, квартира
имя существительное
cell, tenement
арендуемое помещение
apartment, flat, room, quarter, condominium, tenement
имя существительное
a room or a set of rooms forming a separate residence within a house or block of apartments.
The flat was part of a refurbished block of tenements that belonged to a housing co-operative.
a piece of land held by an owner.
Their lands and tenements should be seized into the king's hands.
The flat was on the first floor of a tenement block, and had a lovely front room.
Finally they had arrived at a run down tenement that advertised rooms for cheap.
Scotland's tenement flats are a well-loved part of urban culture.
It was a basement flat in an Edinburgh tenement , with something of a history.
He holds the tenement by a rent due to the maker of the recognizance.
You do not specify which floor your property is on within the tenement .
The roadway is being used for obtaining access and egress to and from land outside the dominant tenement .
The grantor intends to reserve rights over the tenement granted.
Permission had not been granted by the owners of the servient tenement for them to park their vehicles.
He spent his working life designing commercial premises, tenements and mansion houses.