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tenderloin / вырезка, филей
имя существительное
tenderloin, cutting, notch, cut, undercut, excision
sirloin, tenderloin, fillet, filet, chine, a cut from the joint
имя существительное
the tenderest part of a loin of beef, pork, etc., taken from under the short ribs in the hindquarters.
Pork tenderloin is the fillet steak of the pig and is seriously underrated.
a district of a city where vice and corruption are prominent.
Urban reformers had closed the segregated districts in over eighty cities, including the entrenched tenderloins .
If you can afford cuts such as tenderloin or top sirloin, you can feel good about eating a tasty yet healthy source of protein.
the city's tenderloin district
There is no question that corrupt policemen protected tenderloin brothels and gambling dens.
Pork tenderloin is a wonderful cut - easy to find, quick to cook, lean, and boneless.
Pork tenderloin is another tasty grilled meat, especially rubbed with cayenne or oregano and cooked quickly.
For mains we ordered the rib-eye steak, the pork tenderloin and the fish of the day.
The main course was grilled beef tenderloin with several accompaniments.
For dinner, we had grilled pork tenderloin , potato gratin and a wonderful barbecue sauce.
I have a nice amount of pork tenderloin left over from our two dinner parties this week.
For myself I chose the beef tenderloin prepared at the table.