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tender-hearted / мягкосердечный, добрый, отзывчивый
имя прилагательное
softhearted, kind-hearted, tenderhearted
good, kind, kindly, nice, gentle, gracious
responsive, kind-hearted, outgoing, understanding, softhearted, soft
имя прилагательное
having a kind, gentle, or sentimental nature.
They are tender-hearted in their approach to theme and character.
Of all people, Christians should be the most tender-hearted .
He is tender-hearted and he cares very much about those in need.
She could think of nothing to do other than becoming a tender-hearted warm mother and marrying the man of her dreams.
Too tender-hearted and responsible to just walk away, they may stay in a bad partnership forever.
Of course these tender-hearted individuals should be a little careful.
He did wonderful little tender-hearted things for her all the time.
This movie contains just the right mix of tender-hearted moments, weirdness and comedy.
There is also one scene that will distress tender-hearted viewers.
He was such a tender-hearted , great guy.