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tendentious / тенденциозный
имя прилагательное
tendentious, biased, tendency, biassed, tendential
имя прилагательное
expressing or intending to promote a particular cause or point of view, especially a controversial one.
a tendentious reading of history
It is a highly tendentious , obviously partisan and unreliable document.
The version is not itself a lie, but it is a relentlessly tendentious interpretation.
Some of his examples are tendentious but he is broadly right.
Government advertising campaigns should be objective and explanatory, not tendentious or party political.
The channel is dispensing a view of the world that is tendentious and intellectually idle.
Some of his criticisms do seem a mite tendentious .
The investigation was prejudiced and tendentious .
This intensive and tendentious coverage made it obvious that some satellite channels were pursuing agendas of their own.
This is just sloppy tendentious journalism.
The author's choice of this phrase was clearly tendentious .