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tench / линь
имя существительное
tench, line, ratlin, ratline, sea line
имя существительное
a European freshwater fish of the minnow family, popular with anglers and widely introduced elsewhere, including several US states.
This lake is mainly carp, with rudd, roach, eels and tench as back-up fish.
There are a few koi, golden orfe and golden tench swimming about.
The club has a lake stocked with fish such as perch, roach, tench , rudd, carp and pike.
Carp, tench and bream have really come to life.
I had fished this for carp, and caught quite a few tench on boiled baits and carp rigs.
The third lake is the smallest and is mainly stocked with crucian carp and tench .
I particularly enjoyed our day on Miltons Lake where we each had over 1001b of crucians and tench .
Over the years roach and tench have found their way in.
All species feed well in the spring but the two that really start feeding are carp and tench .
Although we caught a few small carp, we mainly caught rudd and the odd tench .
Anglers were doing well for mixed bags of tench , carp, bream and a few roach.